Three Red Cedar Live Edge Slabs


Red Cedar Live Edge Slabs
Kiln Dried
Raw Material

12 inches in length
8-11 inches wide
1 inches thick

Slabs in pictures are a very similar example of what you will receive

When dealing with live edge wood materiel , please work the live edge in case of any insects, something that goes with live edge materiel
Being sold as live edge, there are no guarantees of no insects, most of the time there is not in red cedar
This is Being sold as raw materiel , cut from a ban saw mill
The bark will not hold to live edge on red cedar. It will eventually fall off
PLEASE NOTE AS WITH NATURALLY MILLED WOOD-CHECKS,CRACKS, SPALTING,AND SPLITS ARE NOT PRESENT AT THIS TIME BUT MAY BECOME PRESENT IN THE FUTURE . THIS ADDS TO THE BEAUTY AND CHARACTER OF SLABS.....Slabs are being sold as raw materiel , in the bark and sap wood insects may be present , it is left to the costumers once wood is being worked down t clean out any insects.

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